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Sound Track Cologne "KIKOE" Documentary of OTOMO YOSHIHIDE
2014 Nov 20/21:00-
Germany Cologne


Miji Festival 2013
KIKOE screening

2013 Jan 2/19:00
UCCA Contemporary Art Center

2013 Jan 6/10:30
Rockbund Art Museum

2013 Jan 10/15:00
Jihe Art, 2697 Longhu Shan Lu, Siming District, Xiamen

2013 Jan 11/19:00
Rust Space (Guanglufang 79, Sanfang Qixiang)

2011.9.02 [symposium-screening]
Min Tanaka's Short Film
2011.Sep 2/Tokyo University of the Arts
Symposium - Kuniichi Uno, Kazue Kobata, Mikiro Sasaki, Min Tanaka
So Sakon "Mother Burning (Moeru haha)"/reading: Min Tanaka
Inoue Yuichi "Ah Yokokawa National School (AhI Yokokawa kokuinin gakko) "/dance: Min Tanaka
movie direction: Chikara Iwai

2011 - [screening]
"MIRROR"-a Documentary film of UNDERCOVER-
supervisor, editor: Chikara Iwai
2010.4.20 [catalog]
Japanese Motion Graphic Creatores 2010
Chikara Iwai
2010.3.15 [magazine]
KOHKOKU 2010 April Vol.381
Text: KIKOE a film by Chikara Iwai
2009 - [screening]
KIKOE screening
a film by Chikara Iwai

WORK - Movie


Min Tanaka


Mother Burning (Moeru haha)
poetry: So Sakon
reading: Min Tanaka

Ah Yokokawa National School (AhI Yokokawa kokuinin gakko)
calligraph: Inoue Yuichi
dance: Min Tanaka

direction, editing: Chikara Iwai
camera: Katsuteru Tsurubayashi
sound engineer: Toshihiko Kasai


MIRROR -a Documentary film of UNDERCOVER-

short documentary

Paris, March 2, 2011. Jun Takahashi, designer of “UNDERCOVER” held his first show in 3 years. How did the new designs come about, how were the designs made. Leading up to the Paris shows, the camera follows Jun Takahashi for 3 months in Tokyo, Kiryu & Paris to show the designer’s life as it is now.

director: Tetsuya Nagato
supervisor, editor: Chikara Iwai


"A document of a system observed from a fixed point,and the point is the musician Otomo Yoshihide. It is a gesture, arbitrary yet perfect, as though connecting stars with lines and giving a name to the constellation."

"KIKOE" is the very first documentary about OTOMO YOSHIHIDE, focusing on his activities from the 1990's to 2007. Filmmaker IWAI CHIKARA has edited more than 500 hours of vast archives about OTOMO, into a 99 minutes documentary film with his distinct dimension. KIKOE is IWAI's first feature-length film.

produced, directed, edited, camera and interview by Chikara Iwai
2010 recut/101min
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UA short documentary and Music Video

edited by Chikara Iwai
2009/Movie(Short Documetary,Music Video)/Color/DV/Mono, Stereo/
Type A:8min, Type B:9min/SPEEDSTAR RECORDS

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Chikara Iwai
Photo essay: Ooki Jingu
Introduction: Paul Pieroni
Magazine:PAPERBACK Issue1, 2007, London
2002 - /Paper from Copymachine/H42 x W29.7cm


The world is grinding out its regular business.
A big job.
Menstrual flow.
Regular as clockwork.
The dominant worldly refrain becomes that of the tick-tock of a mundane machine. A certain myopic turn, one that blocks the capacity for self-critical development, blossoms in the mind of the regular.
It is as if regularity is a haven for safe thought and mindless practice, a zone of non-effort − a stick for the blind.
Even so, we all know of ruptures, folds and discontinuities in regularity. Those moments of clearance following which a new space of full potential appears. It is precisely at those moments, in those spaces, that the work of Chikara Iwai intervenes.
A simple book with blank pages, an error or publishing fault of some kind, is taken and transformed by Iwai into a chronological document of his creative activity. A picture a day is carefully inscribed into each of the blank pages and slowly the trace of a year emerges. What was once simply an empty statement, a fault or disservice to the proper functioning of a regular machine, is passionately reclaimed.
As an artwork, the book maintains a set of contradictions regarding regularity − a set that is suspended across Iwai’s practice. Stated again, Iwai moves in order to evoke regularity, in essence he becomes regularity in order to comment upon its many delimiting strictures.
This process can again be seen in Iwai’s magnum opus, an ongoing project entitled Public Copy. In the dark urban territory of nocturnal Tokyo few beacons guide the willing night drifter. The unitary luminescence of the 24hour convenience store stands alone as a singular light in a dreaming cityscape. These stores, and there are many, have for Iwai become indicative of the generification of contemporary consumer culture. Each looks the same, acts the same − the same, the same, the same…
Heading towards these bright points, Iwai once again enters the orbit of the regular. Doubling his movement, it is to the brightest points of these convenience stores − the photocopy machines − that he gravitates.
The machine is engaged. A copy is made. Sometimes three.
Only the image of the naked glass, its subtle nuances, is recorded onto each brilliant white sheet of copy paper. Dust particle, smear, residue and scratch alike − each and every microscopic element apparent on the glass surface - is transcribed and documented. The revelation is that within the heart of the brightest of regular machines a world of pure difference and complexity thrives.
Hope for all, then.
And so, the dynamic of Iwai’s work becomes clear. The copies produced in each store have come to form a series of endless editions that evoke a very special set of dual tensions.
Iwai allows us to think it all again.
Again. Hope for all.

Paul Pieroni, 2007

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Amoeba Freeze

Chikara Iwai
2003/Resin, Plastic/H37 x W55 x D3.5cm


BOBBY PREVITE-The Coalition of the Willing, Music Video
Members of the Coalition: Marco Benevento, Steve Bernstein, Brian Coogan, Charlie Hunter, Reed Mathis, Stanton Moore, Jamie Saft, Skerik, Robert Walter, Bobby Previte
director: Chikara Iwai,
character: Kiko Nakabayashi
2006/Music Video/Color/DV/Stereo/6min/ropeadope
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Critters Buggin-stampede, Music Video

director: Chikara Iwai
2006/Music Video/Color/DV/Stereo/6min/ropeadope, P-VINE RECORDS
* DVD: Critters Buggin-Live in Warsaw, Poland

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Otomo Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, Yoshigaki Yasuhiro

CD Jacket(cover art+design) by Chikara Iwai
2003/CD/P-Vine RECORDS


Intro Film

directed, edited, camera by Chikara Iwai
2003/Movie(Intro Film)/DV/Color/Mono/6mi



4326 DUB

Chikara Iwai
sampling from"43-26" (Takahiro Morita Film)

*2003 THE 7TH GUNMA BIENNALE FOR YOUNG ARTIST, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (Gunma, Japan)




Chikara Iwai

*2002 PHILIP MORRIS ART AWARD/The First Move, Tokyo International Forum (Tokyo, Japan)
*catalog and dvd: Japanese Motion Graphic Creatores 2010




directed, edited, camera, sound recording and mixed by Chikara Iwai
Turky, Islael, Bulgaria, England, Spain, Morocco, France, Netherland, Germany,,,



The Day Out Of Time

directed, edited, camera, sound recording and mixed by Chikara Iwai
1999/Movie(Documentary)/8mmfilm-DV/Color/Mono/36min/Izena, Japan




Chikara Iwai
Musashino Art University, Building No,12



Chikara Iwai
Born in Gunma, Japan, 1977.
By using different types of materials and medium such as video, 2D, 3D and installations, Iwai's works approach to refer to the particular phenomenon derived from "Recordings and recorded plate or media". In addition to the involvement in contemporary art with the award winning film at "One Minute Word Festival" in Brazil, he also creates PVs and short films for musicians in Japan and abroad. After committing himself at a TV production company "TV MAN UNION", he started filming a documentary of a world−renowned musician, Otomo Yoshihide in 2005. Since 2006, Iwai is running an event space, "GRID605", in collaboration with Otomo.

2001 BFA, Musashino Art University, Tokyo
2008 MFA, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo

<International Film Festival - Offical Selection>
2009 The 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Spectrum (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
2009 Iberia Center for Contemporary Art / Chinese Independent Film Archive (Beijing, China)
2009 The 6th IndieLisboa-International Independent Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)
2009 SANFIC 5, Santiago International Film Festival -Chile- (Santiago Chile)
2009 The 14th Milano Film Festival (Milano, Italy)
2009 The 24th Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
2009 Baus Theater, Bakuon Film Festival, Opening Scereening (Tokyo, Japan)
2009 CREAM International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009 (Kanagawa, Japan)
2010 The 24th Takasaki Film Festival (Gunma, Japan)

2009 Euro Space (Tokyo, Japan)
2010 UPLINC X (Tokyo, Japan)
2010 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Ishikawa, Japan)
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[MIRROR -a Documentary film of UNDERCOVER-]supervisor, editor
2011 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (Tokyo, Japan)
2011 Kiryu Film Festival (Gunma, Japn)
2011 ACE HOTEL - Short Shorts Film Festival NY TOUR (NewYork, USA)
2011 Centre Pompidou - Diane Pernet Presents, A Shaded View on Fashion Film (Paris, France)

<Short Documentary>
2008 Nasuno Mitsuru, Haino Keiji, Ishibashi Eiko (RHYTHM TRACKS)
2008 Imai Kazuo Trio-Blood (doubtmusic)

<Selected Group Exhibition>
1998 FESTIVAL MUNDAL DO MINUTO/One Minute Word Festival (Sao Paulo, Brasil)
2002 Sony Dream World 2002/Pacifico Yokohama (Kanagawa, Japan)
2002 PHILIP MORRIS ART AWARD/The First Move, Tokyo International Forum (Tokyo, Japan)
2003 THE 7TH GUNMA BIENNALE FOR YOUNG ARTIST, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (Gunma, Japan)

<Music Video>
2002 The Slip/Angels Come On Time(Rykodisc, Video Arts Music)
2002 True Peoples CELEBRATION(Organic Groove)
2004 CRITTERS BUGGIN/stampede(ropeadope, P-Vine RECORDS)
2006 BOBBY PREVITE/The Coalition of the Willing(ropeadope)

<Intro Film/Live Show Opening Movie>
2003 PONGA (ClubCitta'/Kanagawa)
2004 Medeski Martin and Wood (O-East/Tokyo)
2004 The Slip & UA (O-East/Tokyo)
2006 Medeski Martin and Wood (True Peoples CELEBRATION/Yamanashi)

<CD Jacket>
2003 OtomoYoshihide's New Jazz Quintet+Tatsuya OE/ONJQ+OE (P-Vine RECORDS)
2003 OtomoYoshihide, Park Je Chun, Mi Yoen/LOOSE COMMUNITY (Improvised Music from Japan)
2003 OtomoYoshihide, Bill Laswell, Yoshigaki Yasuhiro/SOUP (P-Vine RECORDS)




KIKOE scenes
KIKOE's all scenes information.

2009/booklet/800yen/Word Public



produced, directed, edited, camera by Chikara Iwai
camera: Suzuki Hiraku, Ooki Jingu
Word Public